The long anticipated blog

Standard’s only been long anticipated by me. I have planned and filled this blog with insightful posts in my head for months.  In reality, I make no promises on the insightfulness, but just my personal thoughts and views.

About 3 years ago I was praying with my husband in a church service about the call to ministry he felt on his life.  I expected a life of dutiful minister’s wife duties.  That night, I felt a call to something different, a ministry of my own.   A ministry to women who are trying to make it in this society.  Suddenly,  several things in my life made sense.

I always enjoyed the stage, being in front of people.  I have explored several avenues of fulfilling that love,  but it wasn’t complete.  I was told it was sinful for me to desire the stage. I should be content with behind the scenes,  quiet positions.  My heart couldn’t accept that. Why would God give me a love or talent I could not use for Him?

I also loved to write.   It helped me through many dark, painful times.

My parents always supported these loves. They spent precious time and money traveling to drama, band and writing competitions. They purchased books I was published in, regardless of the price. 

Now it all made sense. Those loves were not sinful,  but I had to find my purpose.  Now I had.  Writing and speaking to women.

So now I wait for the fulfillment of this purpose.  I believe this is the next step in the path. Thanks for supporting me in it.


3 thoughts on “The long anticipated blog

  1. Well done, my sweet niece! I’m proud that you are using your mind, heart, and talent for the Lord. I look forward to reading your posts in the future. Keep them coming on a regular and consistent basis.

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