Rejection is a hard thing to deal with.  However,  rejection is a regular part of life. Most experiences with rejection are just a moment and then life moves on. Sure, we may have to spend some time dealing with or recovering from the rejection,  but the moment itself is over.

Then, there are experiences with repeated rejection.  This is rejection that happens over and over again from the same person. Usually this is at the hands of someone who should be a safe haven for you: a spouse, parent, sibling or close friend.  This person knows you in an intimate way that no one else does. You trust them more than anyone else. That amplifies the pain of the rejection each time it happens.

I have seen people deal with this through a spouse’s affairs, a parent denying them much desired time, a child turning to a lifestyle that is self destructive.  That pain is real, raw — and repeated over and over again.

I experience this pain myself.  Daily.  Sometimes hourly.

I have learned to turn to those who have never rejected me for comfort.  There is One who has never and will never reject me. Hebrews 13:8 says that Christ is the same yesterday,  today and forever. He accepted us as we were and loves us in a way that the human mind and heart cannot fully understand.  That also means He will never reject us when we come to Him.