Am I pretty?


I was impatiently waiting for the oven to preheat so I could start dinner when I heard the question “Am I pretty?”  I walked to the back porch where my 6 year old niece and 4 year old twin daughters were splashing in our small wading pool.  My 12 year old son was picking flowers from our nearby bush and the girls were putting them in their hair.  My niece saw me and asked again, “Auntie, am I pretty?”

My answer was “You are always pretty, Precious” but the question rang in my head.  I continued to watch them prance around with their flower adorned hair, calling each other princess and beautiful. My sweet son, who is used to girl questions, kept reassuring them that they were beautiful.  Then I heard the ultimate truth come from him “You’re always beautiful because God made you.”  BINGO!!!

How many different ways do we women ask this question?

Am I pretty?

Am I worthy?

Am I deserving of your love?

Have I earned your attention?

The answer to every one is yes simply because you were created by God.  Check out Psalm 139:13-16.  Memorize it.  Precious child, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  STUNNING!

However, we are so lied to and brainwashed by this world and this society that we feel there is a certain way we have to look in order to be considered pretty.  We have to fit a pre-determined mold to earn the approval of society.

I watch several of my friends who are enduring the pain of divorce, some with children and some without.  Each one is a precious soul but each is also physically gorgeous.  I catch myself thinking “They are so beautiful!  Who would treat her that way?” But our physical appearance does not earn us a long lasting marriage.  However, I am watching each of these beautiful women step out on their own, hold their head high, and gain a confidence that makes them even more gorgeous, if that is even possible.  I can almost hear God clapping and calling out “Go girl!  See your beauty!  See what I see!  See your strength when you are walking with me.”

Yes, my precious, precious child, you are absolutely, completely breathtaking.