The church is not one person


This past week my husband and I were deeply hurt by someone from our church. It was someone we had allowed into the most personal secrets of our lives and they had helped us grow immensely.

In sharing the situation with another friend, I was asked why we don’t just leave the church. I simply stared for a minute. It had not crossed my mind. As dear as this church member is to us, they are still just one person among many very precious people there.

It led me to wonder how often Christians do exactly that. We get hurt by one person and allow it to drive us away from an entire church. We must remember that we are all sitting in congregations filled with flawed, imperfect people. We must practice the forgiveness we expect to experience in church. We are not perfect, so why do we expect those sitting in service or leading service to be?

So I will continue to attend the church my family loves, and while I will be cautious trusting this one person again, I will remember we all have faults, and continue to love.


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