Tonight’s depression vent


Tonight my depression is acting up badly, so I am trying to get my feelings out.
Tonight I feel like a total failure at everything. My house is a wreck and I fed my children chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese for dinner. My son is failing in school and having behavior issues. One of my daughters is currently sobbing in the bathroom because I am making her go to bed. Mom. Of. The. Year.
I am also exhausted. I am a teacher with seven days left in the school year. Tomorrow is field day. I am too tired to even get excited about it. I am behind on grading and grades have to be entered in one week. My classroom is also a wreck. Teacher. Of. The. Year.
My husband is upset with me. I seem to let him down a lot. I can’t prepare the kind of meals I would like. I can’t keep the house clean. I can’t keep up with laundry. Wife. Of. The. Year.
I feel like I am letting everyone down. Even myself. I keep trying to lose weight, but I gain instead. I keep trying to excel at work, but instead I fail. I try to achieve my goals in Mary Kay, and they slip through my fingers. I keep trying to pursue my dreams, but I am barely surviving day to day. I tell my students to work hard, keep dreaming and good things will happen, but I am not even sure I believe that anymore.