Ten Ways You Know…Vacuum edition


10 ways you know it has been too long since you last vacuumed


10. You have more pet hair on the floor than carpet.

9. You have a strong suspicion you may have lost a pet under the pet hair.

8. Your toddler points to the floor and says “EW!”

7. Your toddlers don’t know what a vacuum is.

6. You’re not sure you know how to work your vacuum. You’ve owned it for over a year.

5. Your bagless vacuum has to be emptied twice. In one vacuum session.  In one room.

4. You find a toddler spoon you’ve been missing. It was in plain sight on the floor.  You couldn’t see it under the pet hair.

3. Your pets go into traumatic shock and might have to be treated for PTSD when you do vacuum.

2. Your toddlers scream like they are being hunted by the vacuum.

1. Your third grader comes into the room after you have vacuumed and says “What happened in here?!?!”


March 12, 2012


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