One Day…


One day this pain will be gone.

One day the tears erased.

One day the burden lifted

And again I’ll see your face.


But right now I can’t breathe.

I can barely lift my head.

I can’t see any hope at all.

I only see darkness instead.


Satan is attacking.

I hear him hissing in my ear.

Somehow his voice sounds like mine

And something becomes clear.


He’s had control for so long

I’ve made his job light.

He places thoughts inside my head

That I replay in the night.


I’m fighting FOR the enemy.

I’ve gotten turned around.

I crawl once again to You

And lay it all back down.


I’ve been here so many times.

Said all the words before.

But in You there’s no judgment

And You welcome me once more.


Why me?


You had an angel chorus

And your own personal star

Announcing your arrival

To those watching near and far.


You had the wisdom of the ages

While you were just a child.

The wind and waves obeyed you

And even demons running wild.


So it makes no sense to me

Why you would look my way.

You offer me forgiveness

And eternal life one day.


I do not deserve your glory

And even less your grace.

My sinful ways shame me

When I look into Your face.


You offer me forgiveness

But I can’t understand

For my sins crucified you

Along with all of man.


Why do you pursue me?

Why do you desire my heart?

I can do nothing to repay you

And you knew that from the start.


Still you reach out your hand

And lead me back to you.

Thank you for your gift of love

Even when we are untrue.